Insurance Commissioner Salazar

Imagine the power that Marguerite Salazar now has as the newly-named head of the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. It’s not so much the power she wields over us minions, but the power to monkeywrench regulation to benefit her Democratic friends. We’re not being melodramatic, after all, she’s done it before.

Here’s an excerpt from when she tried to politicize the cancellation of health insurance policies to benefit her friend (and now-former U.S. Senator Mark Udall):

“Playing politics with healthcare did not work out well when it happened in 2014 with former U.S. Sen. Mark Udall.  When the cancellation notices went out, his staff tried to strong arm Salazar and her staff as well as the media into not reporting that nearly 250,000 Coloradans would lose their coverage, which turned into quite the kerfuffle.

“Nonetheless, it’s easy to forget that these are real people who are losing their health insurance plans. The woman featured in the Denver Business Journal now has to pay $787 per month, up from $436. Her deductible increased from $3,000 per year to $6,350 per year. Why? Because her current plan doesn’t have pediatric dental insurance, which was just fine with her since she is a 57-year old woman without children.”

Given her propensity for breaching ethical boundaries, one would think she would have been fired. Instead, she has been promoted with high praise. Here’s what Hickenlooper said about Salazar’s new role:

“Few are more deserving and capable of this position than Marguerite. She has guided the Division of Insurance through a time of great change in our country and has helped Colorado be a leader in the industry. Her experience in one of the agency’s divisions provides a steady and guiding hand during this time of transition.”

Guiding hand, indeed. Hickenlooper wants to run for higher office. Can we trust him to appoint people who are ethical at a national level?