Nearly 500 people in Denver and 400 in Boulder have cancelled their voter registration — a trend being blamed on a presidential commission’s inquiry into possible voter fraud during the 2016 election.

Voters say they don’t trust Trump, they had no idea voter registration data is actually public information, or they didn’t want to get caught casting fraudulent ballots.

We smell a voter disenfranchisement complaint if next year’s election does not go as Democrats hope.

Of course it will be impossible to discern which voters pulled their voter registration and why, without further inquiry and diving into public information. But hypocrisy has never stopped Democrats before.

The public information in voter registration data is already public in a myriad of ways through the internet, some of it free, some of it available for a small fee.

It does take some digging to find out a person’s party registration. Probably the only information not readily available, is whether or not they voted in the last election.

In other words, unless the information you are guarding is that you are an actual voter, then your information is safe.

However, you might want to consider cancelling all of those credit cards that contain financial information and access.