Jason Crow

Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District Democratic candidate Jason Crow may have boasted about a $300,000 haul, but the truth is that less than $10,000 – $9,625 by our count – came from within the district he hopes to represent. Perhaps not coincidentally, this is the same district that Crow refuses to live in. Awkward.

The $9,625 came from just 19 donations of mostly $500, although one was $25. That’s 19 donations out of over 300, so it’s not an issue of many small donations. It’s just no donations.

In case you were about to feel sorry for Crow, know that just about every Democrat and/or Democratic PAC, including VoteVets, New Democrat Coalition PAC, Serve America PAC, AmeriPAC, Turquoise PAC, and more, donated to his campaign.

It might not be so bad if he actually lived in the district, but it would appear that his support within the district is anemic at best.  The powers that be, such as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, ought to be very nervous about Crow’s performance this quarter.