U.S. Rep. Jared Polis showed just how popular he is among Democrats who want him to be the next governor by raising nearly $255,000 in contributions.

From himself.

With additional contributions of more than $16,000 from Colorado contributors, he’s off to a roaring start in a lack of faith showing from would-be voters. Out-of-state voters like him some and kicked in about $3,000.

Polis explains away the paltry showing by stating he has capped individual contributions to $100, and he’s rich so he can bankroll his own self if Coloradans don’t line up to show their financial support.

Without his contribution to himself in his first fundraising period, here’s how Polis ranked among Democratic contenders who have filed in the second period:

$343,000 Former Treasurer Cary Kennedy
$300,000 Former state Sen. Mike Johnston.
$93,000 Denver civics leader Noel Ginsburg, and
$19,000 U.S. Rep. Jared Polis

By adding a few coins from his own millions, Polis managed to squeeze into the top three fundraisers to give the appearance he has strong support among Democrats.