How many times do fractivists have to lose before they realize that attempting to recall politicians with whom they disagree is a losing strategy? Last night, radical environmentalists tried to recall Greg Stokes, Broomfield Mayor Pro Tem, because he refused to vote for a five-year moratorium on fracking. Stokes handily survived the attempt 64-36 percent.

This recall effort was monumentally stupid. First, Stokes is term limited come November, so fractivists just wasted likely thousands of taxpayer dollars on a special election. Second, Stokes was right to vote no on the moratorium. Such moratoria have been struck down by courts – and even going to court, which would have been a sure thing, would have cost the city and/or county thousands and thousands of dollars. What a boondoggle. Third, the electoral process was not meant to recall folks with whom we disagree. The idea is that you wait until the next election and elect someone you like better. Fourth, his “no” vote was one among the majority of no votes.

Stokes was right to call this recall “irrational” in the Washington Times. Then again, we’d expect nothing less from such a radical group.