In a hilarious interview between a tanner 9News’ Brandon Rittiman and Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, Bennet demonstrated that he has no new ideas to fix Obamacare or our healthcare system as a whole. At least, he has no ideas that Republicans haven’t already put on the table. Rittiman tries no fewer than five times to pull Democrats’ ideas out of Bennet. Each time, Bennet turns back to Republican talking points.

Oh, the irony.

Here’s a play by play:

Rittiman Attempt 1: Where is the Democratic Plan?

Bennet’s response: We need to stop talking about Obamacare and start talking about the healthcare system we have in this country. There are plenty of us with bills in the system to make our healthcare system better, more transparent, make it more affordable, create more competition in the system….

Peak Note: Those sound like the very things Republicans have been demanding for almost eight years and BUT HOW?

Rittiman Attempt 2: Are there any Republican ideas that could be in a bipartisan solution?

Bennet’s response: I don’t think so. I think we should start from scratch and we should start with what the American people have to say.

Peak Note: O…K…. But, does he realize that a bipartisan solution, by definition, kind of has to have Republican ideas. You know, so it’s bipartisan?

Rittiman Attempt 3: What’s it going go take to get a handle on the premium increases? (In other words, what is your solution?)

Bennet’s response: I think we are going to need much more competition in our health insurance than we presently have, far more transparency.

Peak Note: We stopped transcribing here because it was just too tedious and too similar to what he already had bored us with. Why did Bennet even agree to this interview if he had nothing – and we mean NOTHING – substantial to say about healthcare? After spending literally almost four minutes demonstrating that he has no ideas to improve healthcare, Bennet then went on to blame Republicans for having no ideas. The irony is rich.

Rittiman Attempt 4: How do you bring more competition? [Thank you, for the love of God]

Bennet’s response: At this point, who cares what his response was? He just started spouting Republican talking points like buying insurance across a bigger geographic and population area. Republicans have literally been demanding this for decades.

Rittiman Attempt 5: Where is your party’s leadership on this?

Bennet’s response: We passed Obamacare. (shorter version)

Peak Note: Oh FFS. We stopped watching after this. We gave up – kudos to Rittiman for soldiering on.