Nothing could have convinced us that anything worth watching would come from an upcoming movie portraying the rise and hilariously tragic fall of former U.S. Sen. Gary Hart’s abbreviated run for president.

Not even the recent news that Wolverine Hugh Jackman has been cast to portray the Colorado Democrat.

The movie was doomed from the beginning to be anything but a propaganda piece from Hollywood, which lives to portray Republicans as evil.

The screenplay was written by Jay Carson, a former Hillary Clinton press secretary, along with “veteran political journalist” Matt Bai who writes for Yahoo!

We expect a total rewrite of history on Hart’s demise due to womanizing, which was foreshadowed with a challenge to the press to “Follow me around . . . . I’m serious. If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead. They’d be very bored.”

So they did.

Hart, whose campaign has been debating for three weeks how to deal with questions of alleged “womanizing,” denounced the story as “preposterous” and “inaccurate.” He said he is the victim of “character assassination” by unethical and “outrageous” journalism that is “reduced to hiding in bushes, peeking in windows and personal harassment.”

“The story in its facts and in its inferences is totally inaccurate,” Hart’s campaign manager, William Dixon, said in a statement. “Gary Hart will not dignify it with a comment because it’s character assassination. It’s harassment. He’s offended and he’s outraged. He’s furious. He’s a victim. Someone has got to say at some point that enough is enough . . . . “

Come to think of it, a former Hillary press secretary might be the right person after all to tell this tale. A sort of cathartic release, if you will, now that her political career is finally over.