If you love what’s happened with the government’s healthcare system for veterans, you’ll love single payer. And that’s why, thank God, Republican U.S. Senator Cory Gardner is saying nyet to the socialist healthcare scheme. Here is how Gardner described the single-payer plan going through the U.S. legislature on Ross Kaminsky’s radio show this morning:

“Well, today, for instance, there is going to be a proposal that the Democrats have put forward in the House of Representatives and, I think has significant support in the Senate as well, from some Democrats. I believe it has 112 cosponsors even in the House of Representatives. It’s the single-payer plan. It’s the universal coverage, the socialized-medicine plan, that has been put forward in the House with 112 Democratic cosponsors. There is going to be a vote on that today.”

Of course, this vote ironically happens on the day that the Denver Post reported on the hellhole that is the VA system. From today’s article:

“Wait times for medical appointments at veterans facilities in eastern Colorado and the Denver area are among the worst in the nation, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs data show. Front Range veterans have seen little improvement in the three years since a national scandal erupted over the problem.”

It’s a good thing that Gardner has Colorado’s back on healthcare. Our veterans deserve better and so do Coloradans. Thank Sen. Gardner for standing up to Democrats’ attempts to destroy what little healthcare we have left.