See, PeakNation™? We told you she was getting in today. You’re welcome.

We see now why Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne is Governor Hickenlooper’s kind of gal. She is pretty noncommittal about running for governor, something we would imagine is a pretty big deal.  Here’s what the Denver Post reported:

“Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne just took a big step toward running for governor, telling The Denver Post that she would file the necessary paperwork Tuesday to campaign and raise money even though she still hasn’t committed 100 percent toward pursuing Colorado’s top job.”

Um, ok.

Colorado has had eight years of a governor who did nothing but waffle. The best example is Nathan Dunlap, the Chuck E Cheese killer, to whom the Governor granted a temporary reprieve instead of executing him as scheduled and as the victims’ families expected. Where does she stand? Do we really want to hire another governor who equivocates? There’s only one right answer, PeakNation.