I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

Leave it to Governor Hickenlooper to offer the best-worst non-endorsement ever. When Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne jumped into the race, her boss, Hickenlooper, had this to say, according to Colorado Public Radio:

“You know when people have asked me all the way along the line: am I endorsing someone? I’ve said the same thing to everyone, ‘it’s not my intention to endorse someone.”

So, he’s not endorsing, right? Well, sort of. The next day, the Denver Post reported Hickenlooper’s comments:

“‘She’s like a Hoover vacuum cleaner of problems. They just disappear, and everyone’s happy,’ Hickenlooper said of her when asked about top candidates in the race. Lt. Gov. Lynne announced earlier that day that she’s exploring a run for his position.

“He added: ‘I do think she is a remarkably talented person, and if she were to run and to win she would be a great governor. The last thing she needs is for everyone to say, ‘The governor is trying to get her elected’ or ‘pushing her out there to do this.'”

If that’s not an endorsement, we would hate to see the gushing that would happen if Hick was actually endorsing her. We’ve seen glowing endorsements that were not as generous as that.  We wouldn’t expect Hick to endorse Rep. Jared Polis because he’s been such a headache, but what about Cary Kennedy and Michael Johnston? Doesn’t Hick think they’d make great governors, and if not, isn’t this a de facto endorsement?

But, again, leave it to Hick to play both sides of an issue.  All the leadership of a caboose.