EPA’s shame, also known as the Gold King Mine spill, celebrates its second anniversary of federal government incompetence this weekend with the man we’ve all been waiting for, Trump’s new EPA Chief Scott Pruitt.

We’ve anticipated such an arrival since the moment Trump was elected, and numerous invitations from PeakNation™ and U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner have been graciously issued.

Pruitt’s timing, though, is impeccable.

He will reportedly inspect the actual mine site on the eve of the anniversary Friday with Gardner and other elected officials, both Democrat and Republican, and will get a first-hand look at everything his agency did wrong.

He will learn about the spill, the coverup, the promises made and then broken by the bureaucrats he inherited.

And sadly, he will be berated by those same Democrats attending the tour, including U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, to hold a publicdog-and- pony show that signifies nothing.

Bennet’s staffers are already spreading the word that Democrats should be angry about the visit if it’s not a public event. As if a public event could even be held at the mine.

We din’t ask Pruitt here to sit in meeting rooms and listen to Democrats complain. We want him at the scene of the crime, the mine site.

Then, we went to hear the EPA take real and full responsibility. We want to see changes in how the agency does business, and we want the hypocrisy and disfunction at the exposed.