Here is the official government response we’ve all been waiting for since the Gold King Mine disaster:

“If anyone else would have done what the EPA had done under Obama, with respect to this spill, they would have likely been put in jail.”

That was EPA Chief Scott Pruitt marking the two-year anniversary of the spill at the mine site today, where the Obama administration did in fact dump three million gallons of mine waste into the Animas River.

The “event happened and the Obama administration did not show up,” Pruitt said. “Neither the president nor the vice president came to this site after it occurred. And Coloradans have said that they have felt left out.”

Yes, yes we have.

Under Obama, the EPA rejected $20 million in claims and offered a paltry $4.5 million to states and affected tribes.

Under Trump, Pruitt ordered the agency to review 144 claims that were rejected.

Let the healing begin.