Democrats are so laughably predictive, and hypocritical.

When a town hall meeting is called to address environmental concerns — a cornerstone issue of the party — they couldn’t care less because the damage was caused by a fellow Democrat.

Instead, they turn out in droves to make a fuss, stamp their feet, and demand free stuff — in this case health care.

Why on Earth did you vote to eliminate Obamacare, Democrats demanded to know of U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

Because I ran for election on a promise to replace it, Gardner replied.

This was a rare, bipartisan town hall meeting with a governor, both U.S. senators and the district’s Congressman, Scott Tipton, and Democrats wasted everyone’s time.

Defying all laws of common sense, one man actually complained about the meeting logistics, and demanded that Gardner and Tipton hold yet another meeting that is better suited to his needs and personal schedule so he could complain instead at that venue.

“This venue is entirely too small,” the man complained. “The amount of notice we were given was under 24 hours, and it’s in the middle of the workday.”

The whole purpose of the Durango town hall meeting was to discuss EPA Chief Scott Pruitt’s tour of the Gold King Mine, and the unresolved problems thereafter.

Not one single question was asked about the cleanup or the 144 claims for damages.