Power is returning back to western states on how to protect the grouse, thanks to new orders from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

He took years of complaints from environmentalists to the Obama administration, added concerns from people who actually live here, then ordered his deputy, Colorado native David Bernhardt, to overhaul the system.

Some of the changes include permitting states to set population goals, flexibility in management decisions, and to clarify when habitat protections can be waived.

The oil and gas industry will also see a policy shift for the better in how they do business.

The strategy answers longstanding complaints from the oil and natural gas industries, ranchers and others, as well as some Republican state officials in the West, who said the Obama administration’s conservation strategy was too restrictive and costly.

This is another win for the West, and shows that we can all live and work together while protecting the grouse and its habitat.

That’s the opposite of the Obama administration’s goal, which was to kick everyone off millions of acres of land, just in case the grouse might want to use it.