I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

Yesterday, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez visited Colorado to talk health care with Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper, but Hick was busy shooting down rumors of a presidential run with Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich.

First of all, how would that even work logistically through the nominating process? Would they attend each other’s conventions or just petition to be on each state’s ballot? Second, these are two Governors of swing states – Colorado and Ohio. Who’s the top? Finally, and most importantly, does a reporter even asking this question mean that Hick’s 2020 aspirations are little more than a pipe dream? Sure, there are Republicans and Democrats who get along well all over the country. But the real question behind the question that he asked is whether Hick actually could be elected as a traditional Democrat.

Since Hick was elected as Governor in 2010, the Democratic Party has made a sharp leftward turn, rejecting oil and gas development (despite clear environmental benefits of natural gas), something Hick has supported as Governor of a state with abundant oil and natural gas resources. Here’s what Politico said about Hick when evaluating him as a potential 2020 contender:

“[Hick] is also viewed with suspicion by some on the left, as he has promoted TPP and fracking.”

So, the question is whether or not the fact that Hick has alienated those on the right with his toughest in nation gun laws and recent liberal pandering and that he has alienated those on the left leaves him with any kind of base upon which to build a presidential campaign, especially with traditional Democrats like Vice President Joe Biden considering a run.

We would guess that unless something catastrophic happens, the only people who believe in a Hick 2020 presidential ticket are Hick and the people on his payroll.