Liberal Rep. Jonathan Singer wants kids to vote for school board candidates and has put forth a proposition that 16-year olds can vote for school board candidates. In case you missed it, the current age to vote is 18, but Singer thinks students should have a say in who represents them on their school board. Great, we say! Let’s let eight-year olds vote, too. Why not? If students should have a say, why only some students? Let’s let all students.

Actually, that would be a terrible idea. If parents are worried about the politicization of our kids, having them vote in elections for school board will only exacerbate this issue. Here’s what Singer said about his idea:

“This will force a conversation at the school board level to really ask the question of how much do we value our 16- and 17-year-olds who are going to become adults very soon. They’re both the consumer and the product of our education system, so they have the most at stake.”

Adults should just let kids be kids – why politicize their education unnecessarily? Well, the reason, of course, is that Democrats want to solidify their position on school boards for the teachers unions. That’s why. Just tell Singer no.