When the farcically-named Affordable Care Act was passed, its critics predicted the logical conclusion that is playing out today – a complete collapse of the system because its premise was contrary to the basic laws of economics.

Some of the the law’s more critical skeptics hypothesized that it was designed to fail, and pave the way for a nationalization of the country’s health care system, akin to the arrangement in Canada and the UK.

Well, regardless of what the cynics said several years ago, there are now calls from all corners of the Democrat party for socialized medicine, and it appears Senator Michael Bennet is finally on board.

At a townhall meeting in Aspen on Friday, a citizen explained that he is paying $1,600 per month in health insurance premiums now, with only one option available to him on the so-called exchange.  As a bonus, the plan has a $7,000 deductible – per person.  This Western Slope voter is going to be out of pocket more than $25k in any given year before his insurance kicks in.

Bennet’s response was that the guy has “a huge problem.”  That’s brilliant.  That’s the stuff that is asking for ridicule on late-night shows like The Tonight Show. But, will it make it there?  Not likely.

Bennet went on to offer a solution of public health care equivalent to the health care that Members of Congress receive.  Of course, he mentioned no way to pay for such an elaborate and expensive scheme.

We don’t need our senators telling us that we have “a huge problem” with the massive premiums and deductibles that we are faced with under the health care plan that he hoisted upon us.  We already know that.  And thanks again Senator Bennet, but we certainly don’t need any more “good ideas” from your crew that saddled us with the ACA.