Did they actually think that no one would notice?  A Complete Colorado post uncovers a massive hypocrisy in Douglas County. Political committee, Douglas County Parents, which is supporting The Dream Team slate running for the Douglas County School Board is handing out flyers decrying “costly voucher lawsuits that divert resources from public schools.”  Well, guess what? Their own candidate, Kevin Leung, is a plaintiff in one of these “costly lawsuits.”  Of course the literature conveniently leaves that little nugget out – why bother with such pesky details?

This is Leung’s fourth bite at the apple for school board.  He lost in 2009, applied for a vacancy committee in 2012, and filed, but withdrew, from the race in 2013.

So while that “Dream Team” bemoans the cost of lawsuits that are facing the county, their own candidate (with the generous help of the ACLU) is the one filing an expensive lawsuit.

While the lack of self awareness by these people is stunning, what’s more concerning is their lack of transparency. Calling attention to the resources being diverted from public schools when their candidate was part of the group that triggered the lawsuit is disingenuous at best, but we prefer the term dishonest.

We have yet to hear how Leung will separate himself from this obvious conflict if he is elected this fall.  And we’re not holding our breath for Leung or the dishonest Douglas County Parents to come clean about how Leung will rectify this clear conflict.