Angry folks in Greeley, rowdy voters in Lakewood and Colorado Springs, profanity, boos and insults — that’s how the media is reporting on U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s town hall meeting.

And where is all of this animosity coming from? Prepared questions from a national Democratic advocacy group that staged the whole ordeal.

Here’s a page from their playbook. Take a look.

But this time, the left’s action plan backfired and some in the media, including Denver Post editorial writer Megan Schrader, took notice.

She wrongly accused Gardner of ducking town meetings all year, forgetting that he just held one in Durango less than two weeks ago.

But she did make this on-point observation, the left’s behavior was embarrassing.

Gardner was met with hostility, rudeness and aggression. He was unable to speak over a crowd that yelled things like “single payer” and “you suck.” It was embarrassing behavior from a movement that isn’t doing itself any favors at this moment of momentum building. Some of the crowd in the Pikes Peak Community College auditorium proved Gardner was right at a time they could have shown just how wrong ducking public events is.

Ironically, the crowd also booed Gardner when he dismissed the idea of a single-payer health care. Memo to liberals, Colorado rejected that proposal in last year’s election by voting down Amendment 69.

But Gardner was a class act. “Even if we disagree,” he said, “we cannot continue shouting each other down in this country.”

Boorish and vulgar behavior will get nothing accomplished in Congress, and as we saw last weekend in Virginia, it can have devastating consequences.

An actual conversation can never begin, until the yelling, the boos and profanity stops.

But the left doesn’t want a conversation, they want a confrontation.