When a politician doesn’t say no to the question of whether they are running for president, the answer is yes.

Enter Gov. Hickenlooper, Democratic presidential wannabe.

According to CBS4, Hick isn’t saying no to a presidential run, and by all appearances, he is running for something on the federal level.

Having been rejected in his stealth bid for the vice presidential slot under Hillary Clinton, we suspect he will cut out the middle-man, or woman, and shoot straight for the big house.

He’s been touring the national news media for months preaching health care compromise. And by compromise, he means don’t change anything.

Now he’s scheduled a town meeting in Aurora Wednesday night to talk about national issues including the U.S. Senate’s work on health care, the violence that erupted at a Virginia protest and why he will blame President Trump, and federal immigration laws.

While he’s at it, he may as well tell us how to deal with Korea.