When we saw Democratic State House candidate Amy Beatie’s logo, it struck up a feeling that we had seen that somewhere before….  As it turns out, Beatie works for the Colorado Water Trust, which has almost the exact same logo. See for yourself.

Here is Beatie’s logo:

According to her logo, she stands for conjoined twins eating children, paving over our treasured forests, and fairy dust. Seems legit. Here is her employer’s logo:

D’oh! Seriously? She couldn’t come up with something even remotely different? It’s not like this is just some coincidence. This is a pretty distinctive logo. Even better, our dear friends at OnSight actually created this for her. Do they also represent the Colorado Water Trust? Were they being lazy or was she? Either way, this is such a lame misstep that we can’t wait for the actual campaign. It’s nice to see Democrats making unforced errors, it makes our job so much more pleasant.