Protesters – they are not just like the rest of us.

Yesterday, a throng of protesters stood outside of a fundraiser that Republican U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was headlining on behalf of Republican U.S. Senator Cory Gardner. They shouted at and accosted attendees. Liberals on Twitter cheered the protesters. But, the applause for the protesters is just another example of how far left the Democratic Party has drifted away from mainstream Colorado. If you watch the footage from the protests and actually look at the signs, you will note that these signs carry anarchist symbols and communist symbols. See below.

Aside from the protesters’ obvious confusion – can you celebrate both anarchy and communism??? Are Democrats on Twitter cheering for anarchy and communism? We sincerely doubt that women in Jefferson County are voting Democratic because they want to see anarchy. What happened to the days when Democrats were just the party of tax and spend? Now, they’re advocating anarchy and communism.

So, next time the left tries to assert that “everyone” is against Gardner and he’s going to lose in 2020, please feel free to remind the left that there aren’t enough communist anarchists registered to vote to make a difference.