Has U.S. Rep. Jared Polis really had a change of heart and position on fossil fuels, or is he just willing to say anything to get elected governor?

He certainly had plenty of nice things to say about oil and natural gas at a recent event sponsored by the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry.

“We have a robust energy sector in Colorado, oil and gas, solar, wind,” said Polis, including “the next generation of and future advances in oil and gas extraction, as well as renewable energy,” he continued, adding that the state is a leader in energy-related research.

Maybe he’s just slowly backing away from his now debunked claim that he can make Colorado 100 percent reliable on renewable energy by 2050.

Or, perhaps he’s finally realized that his fracktivist base don’t have the popularity or backing he needs to get elected to the governor’s mansion and is abandoning his base.
As Peter Moore, chairman of Vital for Colorado observed:

“But one thing we know for sure: When Congressman Polis is distancing himself from national anti-fracking groups, you know how isolated those groups have become in Colorado’s energy debate,” Moore said.

And, Polis really wants to be governor.