Holy cow, it turns out that left wing environmentalists were right all along!

The Trump administration disbanded one of the government’s advisory committee on climate change, then poof! The sun completely disappeared!

We wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t witnessed it ourselves, but the proof was in the sky. The sun was gone!

Climate change began creeping across the face of the sun this morning blocking it’s warm sunny rays. Animals fled in terror while humans remained frozen to the spot, watching the climate change move across the planet destroying every spot of light in its wake.

The results were even more devastating than we could have imagined. Now, everyone will be forced to wear cardboard cutout glasses that completely shut out any ray of light, or else we will all go blind.

Without the sun, the temperatures are actually diving and it’s getting cooler by the minute.
What happens if it doesn’t come back? If we’re left in the dark for the rest of our lives?

Now that we think about it, this isn’t the global warming we’ve been warned about for years, it signals the beginning of a new ice age!

Thank goodness we’ll still have all that oil, gas and coal to keep us warm.