KasHick, also known as Governor’s Hickenlooper and John Kasich, have their sate taxpayer-funded staffs hard at work to develop a completely useless health care plan to present to the media next month.

Since neither is a member of Congress, they can’t actually introduce it as a bill so their proposal stands zero chance of actually becoming a law. And thank goodness for that.

In a joint interview with liberal media outlets, they explained that their plan will contain principles and ideals, but not “some pie-in-the-sky, way up there kind of stuff.”

For example, Hick says health care is a right. We don’t recall ever reading that right in the Constitution, so they’ll need more than just your average bill. It will take a constitutional amendment to get that pie-in-the-sky ideal passed.

Other measures they believe are realistic, they won’t call for a single-payer system funded by taxpayers and operated by the government. But, they do want every employers, especially those with 50 or less, to buy insurance for workers.

Their actual plan to get it passed? Hope. They hope other governors will sign on, and they hope Congress might actually look at it.

We hope they don’t use this taxpayer-funded work as a platform to run for president.