U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter took a hit from the Denver Post editorial board this week for flip-flopping on his political career goals — from Congressman, to governor, to no political office at all and now back to Congress.

He “pulled a fast one,” is how the paper described Perlmutter’s decision to reenter a now packed race for his seat he temporarily abandoned to run for governor.

In vowing to once again run to represent Colorado’s 7th Congressional District, the longtime Democratic lawmaker from Arvada yanked the rug out from under interesting candidates lining up to replace him, and broke his word.

The paper complains that rising Democratic stars have been sidelined by Perlmutter’s decision, but what we want to know is, who died and made Perlmutter congressman-for-life?

What happened to the electoral process in the Democratic Party? Are constituents no longer permitted to vote for their candidate of choice?

Just because Perlmutter is back in, the other contenders have to drop out?

That’s a sad state indeed for the other side.

We wish that Sens. Andy Kerr and Dominick Moreno and Rep. Brittany Pettersen would have stayed in the race to challenge Perlmutter to defend his rather lame record as congressman-for-life.

We were looking forward to their primary.