We would rather be homeless than live in an HOA.

It’s fine for some folks who desire a tidy and orderly totalitarian lifestyle, where many HOA boards act as the lawnchair police, car parking enforcers and in one case in Loveland, the milk jug patrol.

Richard Stephens is standing up to the Barney Fife wannabes in his neighborhood, who are demanding that his milk jugs, among other items, be removed post-haste from his yard.

The milk jugs were actually recycled and decorated as plant containers, and aren’t the only property that must disposed. The HOA has ordered him to remove tables and chairs, lawn art, other planters, and a wooden painted star on the side of this house, as well as the Betsy Ross flag below it.

So Stephens made his yard even messier, and planted a large sign in the lawn that reads:

“If you are considering purchasing a home in Alford Meadows You may want to RECONSIDER . . . YOU could be the next target of the HOA!”

Of course the HOA is hopping mad about that one too, just as his neighbors complained when he posted a Trump sign in his front yard.

The Denver Post is covering the whole war between the neighbors, and reports that Stephens received some pretty nasty hate mail because of his political preference.

“Dear d–bags,” one letter began, according to Stephens. It continued: “Take your NEW YORK bigotry, hate-filled & mean-spirited ugliness back to the deplorable state that you came from. We don’t want you in our neighborhood.”

If only he had been a Hillary supporter, we’re willing to bet none of this would have occurred and his house plants and containers would not be getting the boot.