Gov. Hickenlooper is such a political tease.

Progressive minions have been pushing the idea of a presidential marriage between Democratic Hickenlooper and Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich as the “no labels” dream team for months.

And, they’re doing this while promoting the duo’s soon-to-to released healthcare platform to Beltway reporters in a not-so-subtle, name-dropping fashion.

We say they are pre-positioning for a 2020 race. But Hickenlooper, in his usual clumsy way, is trying to damper the very speculation his political operatives have created.

So, bipartisanship is expected now to solve all our problems, and it’s perfectly normal when they’re just holding hands and talking. But, it’s “odd & funny” that folks would even think they would dare go all the way and actually commit to one another in a long-term relationship to see those ideas to fruition.

Hickenlooper has always been a sucker for media attention, and despite his weak attempts at brushing off the public announcement of their marriage too soon, his denial in another tweet there is “no ulterior motivic” is not at all convincing.