Between the minimum wage hike and nearby construction, the Triple S Brewing Company is calling it a night. The Colorado Springs brewery is cautiously calling itself the first victim of the minimum wage hike. Here’s what the owner told the Colorado Springs Gazette in an email:

“At the 14-month mark, the increase in minimum wage caused a 14 percent increase in my biggest expense (with 3 more years of increases) and … at the 15-month mark, I became surrounded on three complete sides by construction, which slowly decreased my revenue. That’s exactly the opposite of what a brand new business needs. I couldn’t sustain that combo. I’m not sure, but I might be the first casualty of the minimum wage hike.”

We hate to say, “we told you so,” but we told you so.  Instead of helping low wage earners, the minimum wage only reduced the number of opportunities available to these folks. And, limits our own opportunities. Triple S was planning a beer delivery service – holy hell that’s amazing.

Thanks liberals. Now, we have no jobs AND no beer. Awesome guys.