Did the geniuses at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee forget how to use Google? It would seem so by the email the congressional campaign office sent out yesterday urging Republican Rep. Mike Coffman to act to pass the DREAM Act. Just one problem. He’s actually leading the House vote to protect DREAMers through the BRIDGE Act and already co-sponsored the DREAM Act in July. But, don’t take our word for it. Check out the Politico headline from six days ago:

Just in case you weren’t following, Coffman literally laid out plans to pass the BRIDGE Act five days before the DCCC sent out an incredibly misleading email telling Democratic voters to urge Coffman to act.  The truth is that Coffman frequently has stood up to President Trump in support of his constituents. Standing up to party leadership is the norm for Coffman whose district is considered among the most competitive in the country. Democrats ought to try it instead of blindly following their leadership off a cliff.

Whether you agree with the DREAM Act or not, it’s easy to agree that this is just another example of why Democrats continuously lose elections – they prove themselves either liars or fools or often both.