So, we already wrote about Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne getting in the Democratic primary for Governor, but apparently, she announced for realz this time this morning. While most of her announcement was feel good fluff, there was one part of her speech that caught our attention. Good thing Revealing Politics was on hand to capture it in all its glory. Just watch.

Wait, what? Put our “self-interest aside” and “work for the collective good”? Where have we heard that before?

[Gets into time machine, arrives in sixth grade social studies class]

From the textbook, “A Primer on Social Problems,” her statement is the textbook definition of socialism:

“The most important goal of socialism is not the pursuit of personal profit but rather work for the collective good….”

We kid you not. So, there you have it. Donna Lynne is running to be the Governor of Cuba…from Colorado. We don’t want to be Cuba, do we?