Just as we expected, Gov. Hickenlooper presented his grand plan to Congress Thursday on how to save health care, and that scheme was to keep pouring money into Obamacare.

Five governors — both critics and backers of the Affordable Care Act — called on Congress Thursday to bolster the insurance exchanges created under the law, challenging President Trump’s argument that those marketplaces are unsalvageable.

They want a short-term fix to keep floundering programs like Colorado’s afloat for the next year, and say that guaranteeing federal subsidies “ranks as the most urgent step Congress should take.”

The plan was met with lukewarm support. Not surprising since Congress is working to fix health care, not subsidize failing programs like ours.

Even this guy wasn’t impressed:

Sen. Michael F. Bennet (D-Colo.) said his constituents, regardless of whether they support or oppose the current law, “are deeply unhappy with the way they interact with the health care system … because our system is fundamentally broken, and they know that.”