Another day, another district, another Democratic veteran finds his way to the Democratic ticket. Mark Williams declared his intent to seek the Democratic nomination for Jared Polis’ Congressional seat that Polis is vacating in order to run for Governor. According to Williams’ campaign website, he is a “Gulf War vet, former fighter pilot, entrepreneur, and meditation and mental fitness expert” (whatever that is).

Here is what he hopes to do in office (please ignore his obscene use of quotes, he knows not what he does):

“This isn’t just about Democrats and Republicans. Today, a consensus exists to move America forward, but it exists outside once-familiar party lines. I’ll listen to these voices and every community in CD2 will be stronger for it. I hope to represent all Coloradans by activating the grassroots and kickstarting Lincoln’s vision of America: “…a government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

And he hopes that talking about Republican heroes like Abraham Lincoln will confuse Republicans enough to vote for him. Wrong. It’s also a bizarre strategy to embrace with a highly-polarized (left vs. reallllllly far left) district. Apparently, he has not yet attended that candidate school hosted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, like fellow liberal veteran Jason Crow who is running against Levi Tillemann Dick for the chance to run headfirst into the Coffman buzzsaw, where they tell you to run to the left in a primary and, then, move to the center in the general. See: Every Democrat.

C’mon Nancy, show this guy the ropes. Don’t leave him flapping in the wind.