Doug Benevento is one of the most accomplished public servants in Colorado, so it’s no surprise that his name came up as a top pick to lead the local Environmental Protection Agency. Benevento is uniquely qualified to run the EPA. Most of PeakNation™ knows Benevento as a lion on the Douglas County School Board (a position he left last year); however, his public sector experience goes back two decades.

Benevento began his career as a subcommittee staff director with the U.S. House Subcommittee on Agriculture, a position that would come in handy as the head of the EPA here as farmers and the EPA have had a tempestuous relationship due to the EPA’s constant property and water grabs. Before serving as Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Benevento was a senior legislative assistant for U.S. Senator Wayne Allard. Benevento now serves as Vice President of Public Affairs at Xcel Energy.

All of these positions dovetail nicely into what would be his role at the EPA. Additionally, we have heard that Benevento has children. Wait, stick with us here. One of the biggest (and most disgusting, by the way) messes the EPA has had on its hands is the lack of potty training of its employees, who allegedly smeared feces in the hallways. A great work environment starts with pooping in toilets. Benevento, no doubt, has helped potty train his kids. And, there you have it. Benevento is an ideal candidate to head the EPA in Denver.