It takes a Facebook village to nickname a new political party, and for the Unity Party of America, social media has chosen “Uniters.”

“Dividers,” we presume, has already been adopted by the Democratic Party.

It’s an interesting platform this non-left and non-right party has mixed together, consisting of mostly right-sided ideologies with a healthy dash of libertarian and a dollop of Constitution Party thrown in for good measure.

Here’s their platform issues and stances:

I Balanced Budget Amendment
II Affirm the 2nd Amendment
III Affirm the 4th Amendment
IV Eliminate the Federal Income Tax
V Health Care Tax Deduction
VI Social Security Tithe Pool
VII Supporting our Military
VIII Free and Fair Trade
IX Term Limits
X Judicial Term Limits
XI Enhance Electoral Security
XII Judges, not Gerrymandering
XIII Put Campaign Finance on Solid Foundation
XIV Resign to Run
XV Make Minimum Voting & Donating Ages 16
XVI The American Space Program
XVII Call for DC Statehood
XVIII Self-Determination of All Peoples

Bill Hammons is the Unity Party candidate running in Colorado for governor, and the founder of the party in 2004, which has now spread to 34 states.

There are only about 1,100 members of the party in Colorado, but Hammons told Colorado Politics he is hoping for a challenger.

If he gets one, ballots will be sent to all independent voters in the state.