Jason Crow

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders unveiled his misguided grand plan to provide Medicare for all. It’s a terrible idea in terms of policy, but a fantastic idea for politics. If you’re a Republican. The issue now has become a litmus test for Democrats across the country in competitive races. And no race is more competitive (at least in Colorado) than Pelosi pick Jason Crow (who has yet to move into the district he hopes to represent).

Where does Jason Crow stand on single payer healthcare? Crow hopes to paint himself as a moderate, but Sanders’ position is far from moderate. Can Crow reject the proposal as he needs to do to compete in the general while still appeasing the far left that will dominate in his primary? Sanders has created quite the conundrum for candidates like Crow.

We checked his Facebook page, Twitter feed, various news outlets and haven’t found a statement from Crow on single payer. Will he embrace his party’s sharp left turn or can he get through a primary rejecting Sanders?

When will Crow caw on single payer?