I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

Tonight, Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper officially called a special session to deal with an issue with a hospital provider fee bill that would have potentially left the RTD without the budget it needs to provide crappy light rail service.

NOW? Where has he been for the last few months since sine die, when the state legislature adjourned.  Why not deal with this in January when the legislature reconvenes?  Will the light rail stop running??  Even better, will it’s start running on time if they do it?  Are these special interests so vital that they can’t wait just under four months??  They have been fine the last three months? And, it’s going to cost approximately $25,000 per day to conduct a special session.

This is just another symptom of Hickenlooper’s failed leadership. The fact that Hickenlooper waited five months to call everyone back into special session reeks of his inability to make a decision. Like Nathan Dunlap – why pardon or execute him when you can give him a temporary reprieve? Why make a decision on anything?

Oh. Wait. Now we get it. He’s trying to be what he thinks a leader is. He’s running for VP or President or cabinet member in a Biden presidency (keep dreaming) and thinks that taking action equals leadership. Yeah, that would have been true in May. It’s September.

Please don’t waste $25,000 per day of our hard-earned dollars to bolster your reputation for a national campaign, Gov.