The Democratic campaign group, EMILY’s List, which uses women’s rights as a cover to lambaste Republicans (some of whom are women), is putting the Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams and the Colorado Republican Senate Majority “on notice.” The group says that Williams didn’t defend Colorado against President Trump’s request for walk books voter information and that the GOP Senate Majority is “turning back the clock” on women’s rights, both accusations are crap.

The group also is putting U.S. Reps. Coffman and Tipton, both Republicans, “on notice,” too. Um, ok, sure.

It’s not like EMILY’s List wasn’t going to target sitting Republicans and only since Trump’s request for publicly-available voter data are they now prepared to campaign. The only reason EMILY’s List exists is to elect Democratic women. Period. End of story. So, this over-the-top proclamation that they’re “now” targeting Republicans is laughable. That’s the only thing EMILY’s List does, actually.

Further, the only thing that EMILY’s List defines as “women’s rights” is abortion and birth control. Forget the jobs and opportunities that women crave that Democrats destroy. While Democrats only care about uteruses and ovaries, Republicans are working to expand opportunities that fuel women’s intellect and self-reliance. In that vein, we’d argue that EMILY’s List is turning back the clock. Women these days are more than just reproductive things.