Cary Kennedy made a campaign swing through Durango promising rainbow-farting puppies and polka dot unicorns for everyone if she is elected.

How will she make the magic happen? By raising taxes of course. Didn’t we mention she was a Democrat?

She told the Durango Herald that a top priority is to “reform” the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and eliminate those pesky limits on government taxing and spending.

“We need to stop digging, and denying us the revenue we need to keep up with growth,” Kennedy said during a meeting with The Durango Herald editorial board.

Translation: Greedy Coloradans who work hard for a living and pay their taxes must give Democrats more of their money because politicians know better how to spend it, and spending is the only way they know how to get reelected.

If only we could fit that on a bumper sticker for Kennedy.