We love our Broncos and live for game day when we can tune off the outside world, check our political job at the door, and enjoy a game of football.

We are fiercely loyal to the athletes, so pardon us if we look the other way just this one time when they felt it necessary to make a political statement after tens of thousands of folks had spent good money to watch them play a football game.

Memo to the Broncos: Folks don’t pay to attend political speeches.

We’re not boycotting their display of fierce independence, even though we fiercely believe it was a bull-headed move wrought with financial consequences.

The Twitterverse was steaming with outrage and fans threatening to boycott future games and sponsors after Sunday’s game.

And we saw the free market system kick in with offers from die-hard fans to buy those abandoned tickets. We might have been one of those fans.

But the bottom line is this: players might not have intended to disrespect the military, our flag or country, but that was the result.

We believe that politicians should not be in the business of playing football, and football players should not be in the business of performing grandiose yet petty political stunts.

We’ll see you on Sunday. Go Broncos, beat Republicans Democrats Raiders!