Why do Democrats always pretend to be champions for women? Their actions always show otherwise. In today’s episode of Democrats Hate Women, gun grabber Shannon Watts, who basically moved to CD2 to run for office, has been edged out of the Second Congressional race by Pelosi favorite and Chairman of the Boulder County Democratic Party, Mark Williams, one of Pelosi’s veterans. Of course, then, there is Joe Neguse, who is a party insider favorite, but also a man.

Here’s what Watts said about her departure from the race to the Denver Post:

“Ultimately, I decided my work with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Rise to Run is more important than ever, given the election of Donald Trump, and right now I’m going to stay focused on helping to shape the laws and elections that impact women.”

That’s too bad. She would have been such a fun (read: polarizing) figure to cover and, now, we’re just stuck with Williams and Neguse. So far, no Republicans have thrown their name into the ring. But there’s still time.