We’re taxed if we do and taxed if we don’t buy health care.

Congress may have hit the wall trying to eliminate the tax for not buying insurance, but U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is working to get rid of that tax we have to pay under Obamacare on our policy premiums.

“President Obama promised that this law would drive down costs, and this tax is just another example of how that’s not even close to being reality,” Gardner said.

This is expected to save each of us about $500 a year. That’s about $5,000 over a decade, a huge savings for folks who get insurance through their employer or on the individual market.

With Democrats and the media working overtime to protect Obamacare, we may have to chisel that system away with individual bills like Gardner’s, that take aim at some of its more outrageous requirements.

Now, to get rid of that tax for not buying insurance.