Everyone knows that the Douglas County School Board race is one of the most watched races in the state this year. That’s why it was so puzzling that Douglas County School District Board of Education candidate Kevin Leung would so publicly mislead the Douglas County community about an endorsement. But that’s what Leung did last night.

Leung is part of the Community slate, which is backed by the union, and consists of Anthony Graziano, Krista Holtzmann, and Chris Schor. The slate also is endorsed by political committee Douglas County Parents.

Here’s a tweet and Facebook post from Leung that clearly show that he is claiming endorsement by the Colorado League of Charter Schools, an organization that would not normally align with Leung.


The Charter League and the other random charter school Facebook group Leung tagged squashed his hopes and dreams that he could pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. In fact, the charter league called it “intentionally misleading.” BOOM!

See, why this matters – Leung and his slate, which includes Krista Holtzmann, Anthony Graziano, and Chris Schor, claim to be pro-charter school and pro-school choice. But, at the same time, the four are backed by the union. The two are mutually exclusive. Additionally, the four refuse to commit to fully supporting charter schools in Douglas County.

If we tell kids in schools not to lie to get ahead, don’t you think we should expect it from our board of education elected officials?