Memo to U.S. Rep. Jared Polis: The tragedy in Las Vegas is not about you or your political ambitions.

But because he’s running for governor, Polis was politicizing the tragedy even as the terrible toll of the number of victims continued to climb.

We don’t even know if the guns used by the killer were illegally possessed by the suspect, or illegally modified by the suspect.

Note the key word here, illegal.

As the suspect had no criminal record, he likely would have passed a background check to buy legal weapons. Automatic weapons, which were likely used, are very difficult to possess legally.

And since Polis is running for governor of Colorado, not Nevada, there’s little he could do to affect that law.

But here’s his national solution:

Polis, a candidate in next year’s Democratic primary for governor, pointed to his co-sponsorship of the bipartisan Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act to require background checks for gun buyers, as well as support for a resolution establishing a congressional panel on preventing gun violence.

That’s not a solution to prevent gun violence, that’s a platform for a politician to run for office. And right now, most folks are too busy praying for the victims rather than worrying about politics.