Today, Colorado Ethics Watch announced it was shutting its doors after 11 years in operations. We’d like to give Colorado Ethics Watch a hug for its tragic demise; however, they’ve been so partisan and irrational that we, instead, will dedicate this song to them.

CEW, most appropriately pronounced “sue”, was one of the first to weaponize campaign finance violations for political gain, although certainly not the last (looking at you Matt Arnold).  The group announced that it had worked itself out of a job, according to Luis Toro, executive director.

“We basically worked ourselves out of a job. We raised awareness of the fact that in Colorado you need private parties to enforce the ethics laws, and we paved the way in showing people how to do that.”

That may be the case. Or, perhaps, gubernatorial candidate Rep. Jared Polis, one of four bazillionaires who funded organizations like CEW, is dedicating his funds elsewhere….