U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s town hall meeting in Pueblo on Friday has been postponed because the top Colorado lawmaker has been tasked by the White House to go to Puerto Rico to survey and report back on the damage.

Gardner will be meeting with Puerto Rican Gov. Rico Rossello and traveling with officials from the White House, Homeland Security Department and Defense Department officials.

Coloradans with a heart and sense of decency are understanding, but Democrats are not and have been posting some really nasty remarks on social media about the cancellation.

They’ve accused him of cancelling because he doesn’t want to talk about gun control and the Las Vegas tragedy, even though the meeting was scheduled after the tragedy.

They are also angry because they didn’t like the date or time set for the meeting in the first place.

Nearly 50 remarks posted on his Twitter announcement, and only one person showed any concern or humanity for the people of Puerto Rico. The rest politicized the Las Vegas tragedy.

Nasty, and sad. You can behave better than this, Colorado.