Now that all of the Democratic candidates have dropped out of the 7th District race to challenge Ed Perlmutter, we learn of the biggest failure of the congressman’s liberal career.

And former President Obama was also to blame.

Perlmutter asked Obama’s ATF back in 2013 to use their regulatory authority to crack down on bump stock devices, that we now know were used in the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Perlmutter was informed that current law did not allow them to do that, because the device does not technically turn a regular gun into an automatic weapon, but was a device that allowed handicapped persons to use firearms.

Perlmutter appears to have just dropped the issue.

According to 9 News that broke the story:

In light of his past push to ban them, Perlmutter was at a loss for words when asked how he felt upon learning that the Vegas shooter had a dozen of these bump stock devices.

Perlmutter’s response: “There’s a lot of what-ifs.”

It turns out the NRA has some problems with this device, and along with key Republicans including U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner they have signaled a debate should be forthcoming about whether this particular device should be sold.

Since it was intended for the handicapped, there might be some complications because of the Americans Disability Act. A ban might not be in order, but restrictions should at least be discussed by Congress.