There’s a wave of former Obama employees across the nation now running for political office, including numerous candidates in Colorado.

The vast, left-wing conspiracy includes Rochelle Galindo from Greeley who is running for the state House and likens Obama to Jesus. Here’s what she told the Denver Post:

“Some people say, ‘What would Jesus do? I say, ‘What would Obama do?’”

Put that on a bumper sticker.

The Obama alumni also includes Democrats Mike Johnston, a former Obama advisor now running for governor.

Dylan Roberts worked on Obama’s presidential campaigns and is running for the 26th District House seat that includes Eagle County.

Levi Tillemann worked at the Energy Department during Obama’s reign and is now running against U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman.

Phil Weiser is running for attorney general, having gotten plenty of experience working as the deputy assistant general for Eric Holder in Obama’s Justice Department.

Jena Griswold who is running for Secretary of State was an election monitor for Obama

And George Stern, who worked in the Obama administration’s White House Counsel office advising on health care is running for Jefferson County clerk and recorder.

They should all just pitch in to buy one collective bumper sticker for the 2018 campaign: “If Obama wasn’t economically devastating enough for you the first time, vote (insert name.)”