News clues dropped by the foreign press reveal that Gov. Hickenlooper’s whirlwind trip through India is to outsource  collaborate on cyber security.

“In the past, India was seen as a back office. Now, it is seen as a partner rather than an employee or consultant. For example … they are creating their own apps and solutions and America has noticed that,” he said.

We can see the ads now: Tired of having your private health information and credit card number stolen? India has an app for that!

Described as his “maiden voyage,” Hickenlooper is traipsing through New Delhi and Mumbai making bizarre pitches STRIKE speeches, saying that Colorado needs India’s workers in order to attract new business.

Hickenlooper added that he hopes to attract highly skilled and talented individuals to work in Colorado, instead of investing in businesses. “We are trying to attract talent to Colorado. If we get the talent, businesses will follow,” he said.

“We are trying to create a culture, a creative vibe. If we attract artistes and musicians, we will attract coders. That will be same for Indians,” he said.

It turns out the most interesting thing Colorado has to offer is our music and beer. The Indian Express pointed out that Hick set up a brewery, and that “his government is working towards encouraging live music in the state capital of Denver, apart from building 1,000 miles of cycling tracks and ensuring that children have access to playgrounds and opportunity like subsidized musical education.”

Bringing in a new workforce from overseas in order to attract new business and jobs for imported workers is a lousy use of taxpayer dollars.

We’re not exactly sure what we’re supposed to be trading on this trade mission, but it’s sounding like Coloradans will get the short end of the stick.