Jason Crow

ICYMI, Jason Crow, who is boldly running for Congress in a district where he does not even live, may be reaching the end of the line.  While other Colorado Democrat candidates are pulling in hundreds of thousands per quarter, Crow limped across the finish line with less than $10,000 raised from Sixth CD donors in the third quarter.

At the same time Crow is struggling to maintain an ounce of traction in the district, his opponent, Bernie Sanders Democrat Levi Tillemann hung $166,800 on the board, from more than 600 donors.

What we see here is more evidence of the splintering of the Democrat party in Colorado.  While Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer push Crow and other top-down directed candidates on the electorate, Democrats are pushing back.  Tillemann, who attended Regis University at age 15 and speaks five languages, pushed back on the DCCC annoited lawyer as someone who lacks fire in the belly and wants to be a Congressman but doesn’t know what he wants to do.

Taking a broad swing at Pelosi’s DCCC, Tillemann called Crow the typical “tool of the establishment” good at little more than “collecting a resume, raising money (well, we can question that now), and losing elections.”

And this bloodbath is going down before they even get a chance to lay a hand on Coffman, the hardest working Member of Congress, and someone who has built a special bond with voters in the Sixth Congressional District that transcends party, race, and religion.

The mythical Coffman-killer Democrat candidate is looking about as real as the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot these days.